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 C'est ici, au Nord du Bénin, que débute l'histoire de Karethic et du grand cru de karité. Une histoire dont les personnages principaux sont des femmes...

Productrices de Materi Karethic

 Nos héroines, soeurs et mères, détentrices d'un savoir-faire unique,protectrices d'une terre vivante et de l'arbre de karité...


Shea Grand Cru from Benin unrefined guaranted, certified organic, fair trade guaranteed by Ecocert.

Karethic: The slow production of a natural care

Karethic has chosen handmade semi mechanized production process allowing to preserve the know-how of producers the benefits and properties of authentic African Shea butter (non efined shea butter) without wasting the resources of shea tree. 

The pillars of Karethic shea butter quality : know-how, rigor and autonomy

Women are trained to produce premium shea almond and butter based on ther know-how .
Objective : traceability from almpond picking and shea butter production for the African market or for export.
The producers are autonomousduring production. Their only constraint is to stick to a stack during a production process according to the organic prodution process. 

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